In4mo is specialized in bringing efficiency increasing solutions to insurance companies and their partners.

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With in4mo, you can

  • streamline underwriting and claim handling processes
  • act quicker when the number of claims increase suddenly
  • easily and effectively maintain a partner network
  • bring mobile reporting and remote monitoring to your repair jobs
  • show your customers the progress of their cases
  • follow key performance indicators of your organization

With our dynamic and innovative team and our state-of-the-art technology, we are ready to help you to take your business processes to the next level.


09.Feb.2016 CODAN and in4mo signed an agreement to take the in4mo Building Claims solution into use in Norway. read
05.Feb.2016 JK-Tekniikka Oy and in4mo signed an agreement to take the in4mo Contractor solution into use in Finland. read
22.Jan.2016 Bovena AS and in4mo signed an agreement to take the in4mo Contractor solution into use in Norway. read
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