Extended Reality in Insurance

Published on August 16, 2018 | 1 min read

Great thoughts from Accenture about the possibility of using extended reality (all real- and virtual combined realities, such as VR and AR) in insurance. How exactly?

As extended reality can put the user into a virtual reality, or overlay digital objects on the real world, this removes the distances between people and information.

Imagine your house is damaged and needs to be repaired. Your insurer can use virtual reality to show you what the repair would look like, before making an agreement with a contractor. This clarifies what is about to be done, and saves time.

Furthermore, in the case of natural disasters, claim adjusters can evaluate property damage by connecting to the customer’s mobile. Trainings can be organized in virtual spaces, utilizing simulated situations, which minimizes the risks and increases flexibility.

Technical challenges remain, but the most innovative insurers are already using e.g. AR glasses to increase the safety and efficiency of their field workers, and help them collaborate better. Extended reality is on its way.

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