How To Achieve Digital Transformations

Published on May 29, 2018 | 1 min read

In our search for magic recipes to deliver digital transformations on time, on budget, on scope with the least amount of pain, it’s often worth looking outside of your own specialist area.

This list is derived from digital transformation studies for the non-profit sector, but it is equally applicable to insurance or construction companies.

The 20 ways are split into 4 typical areas to consider when driving any type of digital transformation: Mindset, People, Process, Tools.
Some of the points made are just great advice:

  • Start with the core mission,
  • Break down silos,
  • Keep your horizon shorts,
  • Make sure it’s sustainable…

Some others are so fundamental if you want your digital transformation to succeed that they should be compulsory reading for any aspiring digital transformation leader.

  • Fully commit & accept the pain
  • Sack the “no” person
  • If it isn’t working stop doing it
  • Assume it already exists
  • Modular, not one size fits all

Despite the non-profit lenses applied, this is a very relevant list indeed for any company going through digital transformation.