Ann Susan Paul
Senior Software Engineer @ in4mo
Published on January 2, 2019 | 1 min read

My name is Ann Susan Paul. I am currently working as a senior software developer in in4mo. I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. Prior to in4mo, I was working for Nokia through a consulting company. After the Nokia-Microsoft merger at the end of 2013, I was ready for new challenges and joined in4mo in 2014.

I started as a software developer, then advanced to a senior developer position within 2 years.

I am involved in the development of in4mo’s innovative software solutions targeted at the insurance industry. I have direct responsibility for building and maintaining multiple application integrations between in4mo solutions and our customers’ IT systems.

Our team is a small agile group of six, one of the dedicated product development teams. We prioritise meaningful communications and effective interactions.

My colleagues at in4mo are friendly and positive. We share and enjoy many fun moments – from everyday conversations to team events. For instance, lunch is always a great moment where different in4mo teams meet in the downstairs restaurant to catch-up, and to have fun and interesting discussions.

Working in an international environment experiencing diverse languages and cultures adds an extra positive dimension to one’s work.

I see in4mo’s future as bright and promising.

We have strong, competitive products and are continuously gaining new customers in the Nordics and the Central European markets in which we operate.

In my opinion, anyone with a passionate and self-driven attitude will certainly find in4mo the perfect environment to develop their career.