Microsoft HoloLens in Insurance and Damage Restoration Companies

Published on October 25, 2018 | 2 mins read

The promise of augmented reality solutions, like Microsoft’s Hololens and its remote assist application, is that your experts do not have to be on site to perform their work.

For insurance and their damage restoration partners, it means that inspections could be done remotely, teams on-site being guided by experts in the office, so greatly improving their productivity, the quality of the work and reducing unnecessary travel costs.

To deliver on that promise, engineers connect LIVE with remote experts to investigate problems, and share annotations and files directly. Both engineers on-site and remote experts can work together to perform the tasks assigned to them and solve any problems that come up.
Augmented reality glasses are particularly well adapted to on-site engineers who need both hands to do their job.

For Chevron, the American multinational energy corporation with operations all over the world, the benefits are obvious: “each HoloLens costs less than a round-trip flight for an expert”.

For humble building damage claims, the business case is not that evident yet, but the trend is clear: after all; it is an improvement on today’s use of smartphones to report building damage to insurance companies.