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IT Integration

Stand alone is Great,
Together is Genius

Let’s Work Together

With in4mo solutions you get great benefits from “day 1”.

Get even more by integrating them to your other IT solutions.

Streamline your data flows

Integrations are useful to avoid double data entry and to reuse your existing specialised systems where it makes sense.

First, get in4mo case data

Our first level of integration consists of sharing in4mo case data with your IT systems, so cases are created in both locations.

Then, choose from our Menu

Additional integration options include staffs allocation to a case or task; tasks scheduling to coordinate the work; tasks statuses to follow-up the project; and document sharing for future reference.

Integrated with our customers’ IT systems

With more than 20 integration implementations under our belt, we are ready to work with your IT team / integration partners to support your integration needs.

Let’s Work Together

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