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Why in4mo

The partner insurance and construction companies are looking for

Let’s work together

We offer property claims and property restoration and renovation software solutions.

We Believe in Practical Technologies

When personal touch matters,
using technology that will help our customers delight their customers
makes perfect sense.

Our Vision

We Support Two Big Industries

We operate at the intersection of the insurance and the construction industries, helping them work together to benefit their customers.

We Offer “Ready to Deploy”
Robust SaaS Solutions

We take care of the IT, so you don’t have to.

Service Availability
Security Certification
Our Partners

We are Trusted by Leading Customers

in4mo is an industry leader for property damage and claims software. Trusted by top companies in the insurance and construction industry around the world.

Our Insurance Customers
Our Construction Customers

We Combine Start-up Flexibility
and Big Business Strengths

First a start up, then a scale-up, now part of
a leading international corporation.

A Solera Company

Strong Track Record of Successful Deployment

Registered Users
Registered Partners
Cases per Year
Let’s work together

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