Karoliina Jääskeläinen
Senior Director, Business Development @ in4mo Solera
Published on May 29, 2023 | 2 min read

In the current volatile market, insurance companies encounter exceptional challenges in managing, predicting, and estimating the costs of property claims, particularly those related to building claims, which are often more intricate and costly compared to content claims. Considering high inflation rates and mounting uncertainty, insurers must embrace dynamic strategies to ensure precise cost assessments. Fluctuating material prices, elevated labor costs, and evolving regulations all contribute to the escalation of claim expenses. Therefore, insurance companies need to acknowledge the potential risks and challenges associated with these factors to make accurate and timely decisions while maintaining financial stability.

The adoption of proactive risk management strategies has become increasingly important in the current landscape. These strategies involve conducting thorough risk assessments, diversifying portfolios, and implementing effective underwriting policies. By identifying and mitigating potential risks early on, insurers can minimize the financial impact associated with claims. Accurate data and insights play a significant role in facilitating proactive measures. The abundance of data enables more precise decision-making and predictions based on overall claims trends. This helps underwriters determine which risks should be covered by a policy and which should not. Our service provides customers with a wide range of information. By utilizing data analytics and predictive modeling techniques, insurers can gain valuable insights into cost patterns, claim trends, and market fluctuations. This data-driven approach empowers insurance companies to make informed decisions, adapt their strategies, and effectively manage risks.

We have witnessed the vital role of collaboration between insurance companies, contractors, and suppliers in effectively managing building claims. Maintaining strong relationships with trusted vendors can result in favorable pricing and more accurate cost estimates. Insurers can also benefit from sharing data and insights with contractors and suppliers, enabling them to anticipate market trends and fluctuations collectively.

In a market environment marked by elevated inflation and substantial uncertainty, insurance companies must prioritize the effective management of costs to uphold financial stability and guarantee equitable coverage for policyholders. Key elements of successful cost management strategies include precise cost estimation, data-driven decision-making, proactive risk management, and robust collaborations with contractors and suppliers. By embracing these approaches and consistently evaluating and adjusting their practices, insurance companies can confidently and resiliently navigate the challenges posed by the current market conditions.

We specialize in assisting insurance companies in accurately estimating the costs of building claims through collaboration with their partners and suppliers. Our comprehensive tool facilitates precise expense calculations, encompassing on-site repair work, materials utilized, and any additional costs associated with a particular claim.

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