System Integration

Stand alone is great,
together is genius

Let’s Work Together

With in4mo solutions you get great benefits straight “out of the box”,

and you get even more by integrating in4mo solutions with your insurance core system.

Make the most of all your IT solutions

Each of your individual IT solutions was chosen on their merit. Integrations make them work better together, eliminating unnecessary work duplication and ensuring process and data flows across applications.

Get Started with our Standard Integration

Our standard integration ensures that cases are created only once, claims are processed through the IT systems along pre-defined rules, and case status and documentation are synhronised when the case is closed.

Expand with tailored integrations

We also develop tailored integrations to help address your specific needs; for instance, should you want more regular updates of cases statuses.

Integrated with core systems
of all shapes and sizes

With more than 20 integration implementations under our belt, we are ready to work with your IT team / System integration partners to support your integration needs.

Let’s Work Together