Jean-Christophe Andre
Marketing & Strategy @ in4mo
Published on April 19, 2018 | 2 mins read

2 months ago, we joined Solera, a leader in the motor insurance claims segment and a much bigger company than in4mo, and we feel now is a good time to reflect on the in4mo journey so far and our ambitions for the future.

We also take this blog opportunity to answer the main questions we received from our customers and partners.

First, how does it feel to work with Solera?

The simple answer is that it feels great.
It’s amazing to see how like-minded we are: We see the world in the same way, we follow a similar approach to address the needs of customers in our respective segments, and we complement each other well.

Of course, I’ll readily admit that it felt a bit strange at first.

As a small 50-person company that grew organically over the last 11 years, joining a much bigger American company who grew exponentially through acquisition is always a scary proposition.

Things felt a bit complicated at first: On one hand you suddenly have thousands of new colleagues, some overlapping assets and new processes to take care of here and there, while on the other hand you can benefit from a world-wide presence and capabilities that you could only dream of just 3 months ago and which suddenly have become accessible.

We really appreciate the steady approach that Solera use to bring us within the group structure, giving us the time to adapt while still moving ahead.

Why not stay independent?

We had an amazing journey as an independent company. Our story started 11 years ago from scratch, just a couple of friends with the foresight to see that digitalisation and mobility would dramatically change the world.

We found a great match for our original assets in the building insurance claims segment and got great support from our first customers to develop a solution to address their needs. We very quickly became an international company with customers in four markets. During this time, we became the leader of the building insurance claims handling solution in the Nordic markets.

We always had strong ambitions to become a worldwide leader in our chosen segment and realised that with external help we could reach that ambition faster than we could do alone.

In Solera we found our perfect owner, helping us enter new markets while also helping us bring new functionalities to our existing customers

What about your existing customers?

They are super important to us and will continue to be in the future. They helped us get where we are today, and we aim to support them even better in the years to come as we leverage the joint capabilities of in4mo and Solera.

One benefit that becomes evident as we get to know our new colleagues is that as a company, we have collectively a great understanding of the industry we operate in, gained from the multiple interactions with our insurance partners that take place every day across the world.
This gives us some insights about what practices work in one part of the world that could benefit our customers in another part of the world.

As we embark on the second phase of our journey, we are grateful to all our customers, partners and employees for their support over the years.

We also would like to thank our new Solera colleagues who make us feel so welcome.

Exciting times!