3D-printing in Housing Industry

Published on May 18, 2018 | 1 min read

3D printing of living spaces is a lot closer to reality than most people think, and it can disrupt more than the construction industry. For instance, how will an insurance company compensate a damage claim when rebuilding your house is cheaper than repairing it?

3D houseThis TechCrunch article gives us a good view of the most recent development in housing 3D printing.

The main disruption comes from being able to erect a building a lot faster and cheaper than with traditional methods: 24 hours build time and 4000USD cost must be scary numbers for any traditional builder out there.

This is currently a low-end disruption, aiming to make access to decent housing affordable for the masses.
Which makes perfect sense when the problem to be solved is the lack of decent dwellings for a growing world population.

For the moment, the current technology seems to limit house 3D printing to small habitation units. The final product is still visibly different – so it doesn’t appeal to everyone, and you can’t yet build your 20-room mansion with 3D printing yet.

But since low-end disruptions are destined to go mainstream, we can expect more advanced house 3D printing offering to appear in a few years.