Property Restorations

Always on top of all your property damage restoration projects

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Property damages can be upsetting for your customers. in4mo Contractor Pro brings consistency
to your operations so your customers can be confident of a successful outcome.

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We learned from the experts

We first worked with insurance companies to improve collaboration with their partners.
One million cases later, construction companies can also benefit from our expertise to manage their restoration projects.

Optimized for speed

Clear workflow so your team always knows what to do, standard templates to accelerate reporting activities, and a mobile application so most work can be done on-site.

Built for Transparency

Accurate and consistent cost estimates for viable projects, dedicated customer portal for project progress follow-up, and logs of all activities for future reference.

Boost for Collaboration

Chat and document sharing for open communication, easy to create plans for better project coordination, and milestones for real-time project status.

Trusted by your peers

“The increased transparency that in4mo solutions bring to property damage assessment is just brilliant. All the parties involved work better together and customers are happy to see how fast everything is progressing on their own case page.”

Bjørn Åge Maribu, Chairman

Takstnett Story

Easy to Deploy

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering allows for fast deployment, we take care of the IT side, so you don’t have to; all you need is a username and password.

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