Claim Management User Group Event (Schadenmanagement)

Published on January 15, 2019 | 1 min read

Considering recent insurance industry events in Germany, Claims is without a doubt a major topic for the insurance industry.

In4mo had the opportunity to participate in two recent events on the topic:

Leipzig group

A key takeaway from both events is that focusing on the customer experience is the one thing that when done right brings the most value to insurance companies. Out of all the elements that make a great customer experience, “speed” is the one to get right. It is even perceived as more important than the value of compensation by customers.

Speed is at the core of In4mo Building Claims, ensuring that property damages are reported consistently, claims handlers have the information to make fast compensation decisions while keeping the customers in the loop at all time. It can even handle and accelerate the repair work should the policyholder expect a full service.