Customer Experience in Insurance Industry

Published on November 08, 2018| 1 min read

Home insurance companies often find it difficult to nurture fruitful relationships with their customers.

The insurance start-up Hippo is implementing an interesting mix: leveraging the most advanced technologies to streamline the application process while keeping a much-needed human touch during support and claims.

“Within the home insurance industry, customer experience has not always been an area of focus, and, as a result, hasn’t evolved over time” says Assaf Wand, Hippo CEO.

On one hand the company is giving away a range of sensors to their policy holders to detect and prevent damages (water leaks, smoke…) while also providing a “concierge” service responsible to check on the customer wellbeing during a claim.

It’s also fascinating, albeit a bit scary, to see real-life examples where technology is used for the benefit of the policyholder: Reviewing aerial imagery to check for roof damage, tracking building permit to remind people to update their policies, filling insurance application automatically from public data…