Customer Experience In The Insurance Claims Process

Published on February 22, 2019 | 1 min read

It can be challenging to provide a great customer experience, especially when a customer has to report a damage to his insurance


Indeed, “Most people aren’t thrilled to have to go through the claims process” says Blake Morgan, a customer experience futurist in this thought-provoking article. The author gives us an overview of how important it is for insurance companies to focus on customer experience during the claims process. In the insurance world, there is always an inherent conflict of interest between saving money and helping customers.

In practice, you do not have to choose, you can do both.

For instance, insurance companies can increase efficiencies by building a strong ecosystem of partners ready to visit customers to evaluate and fix any property damages, while customers benefit from faster compensation decisions and simple things like on-time appointments and being kept in-the-loop at all times. After all, meaningful customer interaction is the foundation of a personalized customer experience.