Laszlo Kalmar
Product Manager @ in4mo
Published on July 1, 2022 | 1 min read

I have joined in4mo as a Product Manager at the beginning of 2021 and celebrating now my 1,5 year anniversary with the company. I could not wish for a better company with my awesome peers from various cultures and backgrounds. I am coming from business and have a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance; however, in4mo was more interested whether I could be a good addition to the team, in my diverse expertise, potential and personality. I am also practicing professionally Ballroom dancing in the Finnish National Team, and recently became the Finnish National Champion, which would have not been possible without in4mo`s forward looking and flexible working culture. At in4mo you are given the trust and responsibility to manage your work and private life balance as it works best for you personally. In4mo´s support, both as a workplace and as a community, has enabled me to always perform my job at 100% and still bring my A-game in every dance training and competition.