Test Your “Sea” Environmental Footprint this Christmas!

Jean-Christophe Andre
Marketing & Strategy @ in4mo
Published on December 23, 2019 | 2 mins read

This festive season we are proud to contribute to the Clean Baltic Sea initiatives from the John Nurminen foundation.

A tradition we started three years ago. As in4mo expands to new continents, the “Baltic Sea” might not feel like a relevant location for all our customers.

However, we believe that wherever you live and irrespective of the waterways you use, pollution is threatening the diversity of underwater life near you!

Evaluating your own Baltic Sea footprint

We could go on about the benefits the foundation initiatives bring to our local shore… Then again, we thought that a dissertation at this time of the year would not do.

Instead, we decided to promote the use of the handy environmental footprint calculator developed by the foundation.

This way, each of us can evaluate how much we are contributing to our local waterways’ pollution.

I am sad to say that I generate 101 buckets of algae in the Baltic Sea every year.

More precisely, every year I generate 272 grams of phosphorus and 5601 grams of nitrogen. Once in the Baltic sea, those substances greatly accelerates the growth of harmful algae.

Interesting to confirm that changing one’s diet can have the biggest positive impact.

Go on and try the assessment for yourself

If you do not live in Finland, just transpose your house and household’s habits to Finland for the duration of the test and see how you would compare to a typical household.

It’s a great way to understand your contribution and start a conversation about what your household could improve.

Check out the John Nurminen Foundation website to read about their ongoing Baltic Sea protection initiatives.