The Future Of Construction Industry

Published on June 25, 2018 | 1 min read

The best way for construction companies to prepare for the future?

During the past 50 years, entire industries have been transformed by digital progress, while the construction industry has remained roughly the same. Relying on manual labor and mechanical tools, productivity has stagnated.

However, digital innovations have started to impact the way buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained.

The World Economic Forum, together with the Boston Consulting Group, has created three future scenarios for the construction industry:

  1. Virtual reality enables intelligent systems and robots to run the construction industry
  2. Prefabrication and modularisation are used to deliver cost-efficient structures
  3. Environmental-friendly construction methods and materials are used to rebuild a sustainable world

Preparing for these scenarios may be easier for those who focus on new constructions, but what about those who maintain and renovate existing buildings?

In our opinion, they should focus on building-up their worker digital skills, adopting advanced technologies applicable to building repair and renovations, and embracing digitalisation to collaborate and coordinate across the value chain.