What’s  in our new brand?

By JC, Business Operations @ in4mo

We are excited to show our new brand to the world.

We say goodbye to Orange, and welcome to Pelorous, our new corporate color (Pantone 7459C, Color code #1a99b0 for those interested in the details).

We love our new logo,

It transcribes well the Solera heritage in data and services delivered throughout the world.

This is also a good reminder that in4mo is part of a larger group that provides advanced data and process solutions for customers in many markets, including in4mo current markets of Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Beyond the new logo and colors what does it really mean ?

People can easily become sarcastic about branding.
Yes, it always interests the marketing community the most and it is often ridiculed by everybody else.

We all remember how some big companies revealed their new brand to the world to great fanfare, to discretely come back to their old brand a few weeks later after a backlash from customers, who in the end liked the old brand better and despaired at the loss of everything that it once represented.

I also remember the hubris of a Senior Marketing Leader describing how he singlehandedly transformed companies fortunes by just changing their brands. The notion that the act in itself was the magic recipe to turnaround any business (for those who wonder, it isn’t).

We even had a bright Marketing intern joining in4mo for the summer a few years ago, who thought that changing the brand on her first day was a marvelous idea.

A long journey of rediscovery

In reality, a new brand is the outcome of a long journey of rediscovery for a company. It is the result of deeper reflections about how to serve our customers better, how to engage our teams to achieve ever more, what is the role we want to play in the world, how do we adapt to an ever-changing world…
Sometimes it marks a steady evolution into something similar but (of course always better), other times it’s a radical pivot to something totally different.

It often announces an intent to be different, it’s a signal to the world that as it evolves, we are evolving too.

It can be the result of a total transformation, or just the result of an acquisition or a big change.

And for us?

For Solera, it indicates a transformation and a renewal. An idea that to serve our customers and employees better we needed to move away from being a conglomerate with loosely coupled entities to a truly integrated company, easier to understand and love, bringing consistency and repeatability on one hand, and new ideas on the other.

For in4mo, it marks our full integration within Solera family following our acquisition in 2019. A necessary phase, with a more internal focus and a drive to get all the elements of the machine working with each-others.

We are now better equipped to enter the next phase of growth, by allowing cross pollination to happen  across the whole company and by benefiting from a wider pool of experts to consistently deliver the service that our customers expect and deserve.

In other words, as in4mo is entering its 15 years of existence since it was founded by Kursat in 2007, we are moving to the next league and are eager to show what we can do for both our existing and future customers.